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Branded Cars: The Surprisingly Effective Marketing Tool That Makes Business Vroom, Vroom

Talking to business owners with branded vehicles made us realize

that billboards with wheels can be awesome marketing tools.

See ya on the road.

Your Turn: Do you have a branded car or van?

  Would you consider one?

Tell us all about it!

by Grasshopper Team — Published in Off the Ground on Dec 1, 2013




Absolutely brilliant article! As a handy man with a limited marketing budget I turned to the fantastic team at VISUAL LAUNCH to brand my van and the results have been great. While word of mouth marketing is still my primary channel, it's shocking to me how many people make note of my number or website while driving past.

I would recommend vehicle wraps to any small or large business!


Great post. Unlike social media and online marketing where you're competing with thousands of other businesses for attention, branded vehicles can definitely be a highly effective way for getting noticed in your local market. Personally, I know I always find myself checking them out when they drive by.

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